About Adsum

Adsum offers a range of services and support to women, families, youth and trans* persons during periods of homelessness. Adsum operates four Halifax locations: an emergency shelter, second-stage housing and two apartments complexes where housing is supportive and affordable. Adsum also has three condos that are rented, as permanent supported housing, to women-led families. We shelter or house up to 80 people each day and more than 400 persons in a year. We provide services and support to more than 1,000 people each year.

Vision: Everyone has a safe and secure home.

Mission: To lead change in housing through advocacy, supports and services to end homelessness

Values and Guiding Principles: We live these values to create hope, security, self-esteem and choice.

Respect: In order for people to feel respected, valued and have dignity, we meet people where they are, without judgement.

Self-Worth: We value the uniqueness of each person in order to promote self-worth.

Trust: We build and maintain relationships that exemplify credibility and trust.

Inclusion: We believe that people have the right to be included on their own terms.

Strategic Directions:

  1. To be the best we can be as a centre of excellence in housing and homelessness.
  2. To expand our ability to care for people along their housing and homelessness journey by offering a continuum of holistic supports in combination with case management.
  3. To be truly client-directed by ensuring the people who use our services are engaged in identifying their needs.
  4. To make Adsum a great place to work.