The difference YOU make

Every donation to Adsum contributes to our work, and the support and housing we are able to offer women, families, youth and trans individuals in our community.

Here are some examples of how your monetary gifts make a difference at Adsum:

  • $20 pays for one day of water usage at Adsum Court in Dartmouth, for 24 tenants.

  • $25 pays for an evening of baking for the residents of Adsum House.

  • $50 buys a Conflict Resolution board game for our Therapeutic Change program at Adsum Centre, where residents focus on topics concerning healthy relationships and personal growth.

  • $60 buys new calculators for the Healthy Living program at Adsum Centre, which focuses on life skills such as nutrition and budgeting.

  • $65 pays property taxes for one day on all the Adsum properties.

  • $75 buys craft supplies for one month of programming at Adsum House. Programming can be both therapeutic and fun for residents. We think it’s essential to maintain an atmosphere that is safe, positive, and supportive.

  • $85 covers insurance on all our buildings and staff, for one day.

  • $110 fills the cupboards and fridge for one day of meals and snacks at Adsum House. Our food budget is stretched. We are always at capacity at the shelter and we host former residents for meals from time to time.

  • $150 buys 4 new baby monitors for moms living at Adsum Centre.

  • $200 covers heat and lights at our multi-unit apartment buildings for one day. Tenants pay Adsum no more than 30% of their income as rent, including heat and lights. In other words, rents are truly affordable.

  • $250 pays a rent supplement for a family for one month who would otherwise be homeless. The supplement bridges the gap between low family income and market rent so the family doesn’t have to dip into their grocery budget or go without heat.

  • $500 covers the expenses associated with moving into secure housing such as arrears, storage, etc. for an individual who is connected to Adsum housing support staff.

  • $1000 pays one month for an apartment that Adsum rents from the private market for Diverting Families from Shelter to Home. In a year, four or five different families may use this apartment to avoid staying in an emergency shelter while working with Adsum staff to find secure stable housing for the long term.

  • $2000 purchases furnishings for a 2-bedroom apartment for mom and children who are supported by Diverting Families from Shelter to Home. $2500 purchases furniture for a 3-bedroom.

Thank you for helping to realize Hope, Security, Self-Esteem and Choice.