#AdsumGrowsHope this Mother's Day


Please help us celebrate mothers and mother figures everywhere this Mother’s Day!

We’ve planted 150 flowers all over the city so that they can be discovered by you. It’s our first community driven, cross-organization craftivism project!

Join in:


When you find an ornament (or any flower will do!)

  • keep it for yourself as our gift to you OR

  • leave it to be discovered by someone else

  • share your find! Take a photo, use the hashtag #adsumgrowshope, and tell us what mothers and mother figures mean to you.

You can also follow along on the following channels:

About the Project

Our community is incredibly supportive of our work and our organization. We are always looking for opportunities to share our gratitude in a purposeful way and connect meaningfully through thoughtful action. When Laurie Dolhan, an Adsum volunteer that has been leading creative programming with our residents for over a year, suggested a special Mother’s Day initiative, we jumped at the chance to bring craft, activism, and storytelling together. It’s been so much fun!

Through a series of workshops at each of our locations, Laurie worked with residents and staff to paint individual wooden ornaments with flowers and other symbols of Spring. Each is a unique piece of art made with heart. The wooden ornaments were cut by the father of one of our staff members, with wood that was donated for the project. (Community is always there for us!)

Each of the 150 finished ornaments was planted at locations across the city. We had help from Hike Nova Scotia, as well as Halifax Public Libraries. We hope that each discovery brings joy, and that each story shared creates a circle of support and celebration of mothers everywhere.

We have intentionally worked with materials that minimizes the projects impact on our environment. Natural wood, jute twine, and fabric have been used.