Adsum Centre

Located in Lakeside, Adsum Centre provides communal living space, support and programming to 16 residents and their children. Staff is available 24/7 to provide support and lead programs. The focus is on addressing barriers that have led to residents’ experiences of homelessness.

Adsum Centre offers a half-day core program that runs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Additionally, there are evening programs that residents identify as being needed. These programs focus on life management skills like nutrition, exercise, advocacy, education and employability. Specific examples include parenting, yoga, art classes, literacy, and computer skills. Group and individual supportive counseling is available and residents are, where possible, connected to existing community resources.

Adsum Centre has four four-bedroom units, each with a kitchen, living room, bathroom, laundry and deck. Unit mates share many of the household responsibilities, working as a group and independently on life skills like grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and communication.

Adsum Centre works on a self-referral basis. There are two steps or interviews to the application process.

Interview 1

During this first meeting, staff explains the Centre's communal living guidelines and describes, in detail, the commitment required to reside there including a stay of 6-12 months. Applicants take away ‘homework’, a worksheet that can help to form their short and long-term goals.

Interview 2

Interview 2 happens once an applicant is ready to commit to the program and has defined their goals to discuss with staff. This meeting happens at Adsum Centre and is followed by a tour of the facility.

If the communal environment seems to be a good fit and space is available, a move-in date is arranged.

Are you wondering if Adsum Centre is the right place for you?

To learn more, please contact Adsum Centre directly at (902) 876-5011 or by email at Staff can fax or email the admission criteria, or discuss it with you over the phone.


158 Green Head Road 
Lakeside, NS  B3T 1B1
Phone: 902.876.5011