DéjàVu Clothing Room

DéjàVu Clothing Room

DéjàVu operates like a regular clothing and accessory boutique  – except the items are donated by the public and are completely free of charge to anyone in need!

DéjàVu is located at Adsum House (2421 Brunswick Street), but is also open to community members. Inside you can find everything from casual wear to clothing and accessories perfect for a job interview. Open Monday through Thursday from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM. Not open on holidays.

To learn more about the clothing room or volunteering to work here, please phone Fiona at 902-423-4422, or email householdco@adsumforwomen.org

Donations of in-season, gently used or new clothing for women and children and household items, may be dropped off 24 hours a day at Adsum House. We do not do pick-ups. Furniture and large items are not accepted due to space limitations.


قبل شروعكم في استخدام
غرفة الملابس، يُرجى أن
الرجاء عدم الوقوف في الصفّ قبل الساعة 12.30 
*الحديقة والمكتبة والمقهى هم في الجوار إذا كنتم في
حاجةٍ إلى الانتظار حتّى الساعة 12.30 ظهرًا
لا تُعيقوا عمليّة صعود ونزول الدرج بسبب قواعد السلامة.
شكرًا لكم! 
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من الساعة 13.00 - 15.00