Canadian Tire Jumpstart & the Halifax Canadian Tire Dealers

Halifax Canadian Tire Dealers with SCWD honoree Annette Verschuren

For more than 10 years, Canadian Tire Jumpstart and the Halifax Canadian Tire Dealers have been some of Adsum’s most generous and committed supporters. In addition to acting as presenting sponsors for two of our annual signature events – the Successful Canadian Women’s Dinner and the Mystery Art Show & Sale – the Halifax Dealers make regular donations of funds and goods that help to improve the quality of our clients’ lives.  Canadian Tire Jumpstart provides ongoing funding that allows children and youth at Adsum to participate in sports and physical activities such as swimming, skating, soccer and more. In fact, over the past decade, the financial support from Canadian Tire Jumpstart and the Halifax Dealers has amounted to well over half a million dollars!

But it isn’t simply what they give to us that make Canadian Tire such great friends of Adsum.  It is also the genuine interest they take in our mission and in the work we carry out in trying to fulfill our vision of reducing homelessness and promoting independent living for women and children.

Thank you, Canadian Tire Jumpstart and the eight Canadian Tire dealers in Halifax for believing in the mission and vision of Adsum.  Thank you for investing your funds, time and interest in bringing hope, security, self-esteem and choice to the women, children and youth we support.