Celebrating Volunteer Years of Service

Adsum for Women & Children kicked off National Volunteer Appreciation Week with a dinner last night, where 4 volunteers were awarded for 5-30+ years of service. Awards were presented to:

  • Sonya Amarandos - 5 Years for yoga classes and making Sunday brunch at Adsum House.
  • Kara Loop - 12 years for art classes at Adsum Centre and creating many graphic art materials.
  • Glady Ascah - 28 years providing cleaning services at Adsum House.
  • Mary Hale - 30+ years on Adsum Board of Directors

The occasion allowed Sheri Lecker; Executive Director to wish an early Happy Birthday to Mary Hale, who will be 90 years young on May 18th.

We want to say we truly appreciate each and every volunteer, who helps in our work for marginalized women and families in this community.

The work volunteers do in our kitchen, clothing room, sorting donations, doing special activities with our clients, steering our direction on the board and numerous things to make each fundraising event a huge success, all mean the world to us and the people we serve. Adsum has 104 current volunteers who work regularly in Adsum locations and on their committees and Board of Directors.

We appreciate all of our volunteers Every Day for the time and caring you bring to your work at Adsum.